The Artist

Trading in her trowel and Munsell color chart, Jennifer left the field of archaeology for the field of fantasy illustration as a self-taught professional.
She grew up with stories like any other child: Monsters in the closet, zombies in the graveyard, ghosts, heroes and phantom drums. Little did she know that these things would help form her life and her imagination; becoming the substance that drives her designs.
Focusing on the fusion of traditional and digital, Jennifer creates a hybrid style that mimic printing and the precision of graphic design. She finds inspiration in Alphonse Mucha, Edmond Dulac, historical ornamentation, stone reliefs, seriographing, graphic design, typography, and ancient motifs.

Publishing Credits
Tankadere Anthology 2011-2014
ECCC Monsters and Dames Anthology 2013
Lord and Lady of the Underworld Anthology 2014
Flight of the Marewings, Cover Illustration 2014

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I love being a full-time illustrator ,however, it is a lot of hard work with sometimes little initial return. To help soften the leaner times during the year when I am not tabling at conventions, I am seeking your patreonage.